We are spending more time at home and appreciating that our lawn and gardens are extensions of the home. As the weather begins to warm, we can again renew our attention to enjoying our outdoors more fully by considering these three trends for 2022.

  1. Outdoor home office

This year it is estimated that 53% of us will be working from home at least some of the time. Creating a space in our yard, deck or patio in which to get sunshine and fresh air while working is a great way to boost your mood and health. It can be a fully outfitted shed or it can be as simple as a comfy chair and table with a little privacy. Be as creative or budget-friendly as desired, but make a space to work outside this year and enjoy.

  • Friendly, social front yard

Your front yard is more than curb appeal this year. It is valuable space to grow more and it is a place to connect and welcome friends and family. The trend this year is to amplify the front yard with colorful gardens, front porches and patios or simply the addition of inviting, comfy seating areas in which we can spend more time with our friends and neighbors.

  • Gardening for the greater good

We are all stewards to our little plot of land and it is good to see that a trend towards planet-friendly gardening continues.

Consider some small changes to make your plat of land more planet-friendly: 

How will you grow in enjoyment of your garden this year? If you need information or help implementing any of these ideas, let us know.