About Us

It started with a lawnmower...

When Oscar Moraes purchased his first lawnmower, he was also SuperAvit’s only employee.



Oscar’s dedication to providing quality lawn care and innovative, sustainable design has made his business grow over the last 20 years into a full-service landscape design, build and maintenance team that services markets throughout the Austin and Hill Country area.


Our work is driven by an authentic motivation and passion to be,

“outdoors, in direct contact with nature, and being able to create inspiring environments for people.”



We want you to love spending time in nature as much as we do!

We are committed to creating beautiful and functional landscapes that are sustainable and encourage more time in contact with nature. We want to promote community with our work and are dedicated to educating how a more fulfilling lifestyle can be achieved in harmony with nature.


Nurture nature and it nurtures you

“Ultimately plants inspire me in my everyday life. A plant only needs such little care and it can bring you all kinds of beautiful gestures such as gratefulness by looking beautiful.”

Nature is healing and inspirational and we believe that by taking care of the nature around us that we in turn nurture our own communities. Smart-Scaping is one of our approaches to changing our relationship with nature.


Love of design

Oscar Moraes loves nature, but it also an artist at heart and by training. He brings his unique vision and precision to every project. Every SuperAvit design is a unique reflection of its environment, its owners, and its purpose!


The creation of delightful yet easy to maintain lawns and gardens with sustainable, water-wise landscaping design.

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