You can help save the monarch butterfly!
Did you know?

  • Texas is a critical migration state for monarch butterflies.
  • Monarch butterfly populations have dropped as much as 80%.
  • You can help save the monarch butterfly.

Monarch butterflies like bees and so many species are disappearing. It can seem like there is nothing we can do.

But we can!

Austin lies on an important stretch of the monarch migration. Herbicides and development have destroyed many of the plants that monarch butterflies need to feed and lay eggs. Helping to restore some of that habitat, even with the smallest of butterfly gardens can make a difference!

Here are some of the things you can do to help save a species and keep the beauty of the monarch butterfly in our world.

Build a Butterfly Garden in your Yard
This can be a fun activity for the whole family. Follow these tips to encourage butterflies to visit your garden.

  1. Native Texas Milkweed is the monarch’s favorite plant to lay eggs. Plant these host plants in abundance in your butterfly garden.
  2. Avoid using chemical fertilizers. They are toxic to butterflies and other insects. Lady Bug is a great alternative, non-chemical brand.
  3. Remove invasive plants like black or pale swallow-wort and plant a variety of other butterfly-friendly species like Dotted Blazing Star. Butterflies tend to prefer native varieties.
  4. Provide a shallow, even muddy, pool of water for butterflies to get a good drink.
  5. Add a few flat stones to provide a place for butterflies to perch.
  6. Monarchs and many other pollinators depend upon wildflowers, so don’t mow your wildflowers until they have all completely bloomed out!

Join others in the effort

Join the Pollinator Challenge
Join other Austinites in this challenge to create habitats for butterflies, bees and other pollinators in your backyard.

Learn more about Austin’s Grow Green Program
Grow Green is an education program offering classes on sustainable, Earth-wise gardening practices, including those which will help our winged friends.

Support the Monarch Watch
Support this group dedicated to education and conservation of the monarch and a great source for milkweed seeds.

Become a butterfly wrangler at
This Statewide initiative has programs for homeowners and business owners who want to make a difference.

As always, contact us for guidance and suggestions on how you can make your lawn and garden more butterfly friendly!