For more free time!

How much work do you want to avoid?


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For a healthy lawn

Let us keep your lawn and garden healthy naturally

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For your style

Let us turn your outdoor space into an oasis that fits your lifestyle

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For custom pathways, patios and fences

Let us design and install the perfect addition to your design

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For harmony with nature

We design with nature in mind, using water-wise Smart-Scaping to craft beautiful, sustainable, low-maintenance gardens

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Earth Friendly Smart-Scaping

The creation of delightful yet easy to maintain lawns and gardens with sustainable and water-wise landscaping design

Landscape Design & Installation

We offer landscape consultation, design, and installation from plants and trees to pathways and fences

Maintenance Services

Complete maintenance services for home and business flexibly designed to meet your needs

We want you to love spending time in your outdoor spaces. That is why we work closely with you to design landscapes and gardens that meet your style and needs.

With our dedication to responsible landscaping, we achieve easy to maintain lawns and gardens with sustainable, water-wise landscaping design.

Why choose Earth-Friendly Landscaping

Earth-Friendly landscaping involves design and maintenance strategies which preserve and protect the environment. Working this way is not only right for the planet, but the best way to design a low-maintenance, water-wise yard.

Learn more about how we go beyond Xeriscaping  with our Smart-Scaping technology and why we suggest you try an organic approach

How we help you design the perfect environment

It starts with you and your dream…

Our landscape design experts work with you and the space you have, to design the lawn and garden that your will love.


Maintenance programs that suit your needs

How much work do you want to avoid?

It is easy to structure a flexible maintenance program that lets you do as much or as little work as you desire.

Meeting your commercial needs

You only have one chance to make a first impression and we understand that. Let us ensure that your business always looks good.

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