Considered a nuisance, wildlife populations continue to decrease as we develop more of their critical habitat. But the perception that wildlife is in conflict with humans is wrong and dangerous for the health of the planet’s eco-system.

We need wildlife, like birds, bugs and other critters, and they need our help.

But, is it possible to keep wildlife from destroying your lawn and garden and help them survive?

Yes. It is about finding balance.

You can help save the planet, one critter at a time, by creating space for wildlife.

Simple ideas to start
A few simple changes can make your patch of the planet welcoming to wildlife. Here are some easy ways to start.

  • Adopt eco-friendly habits – Sustainable practices protect the environment. Avoid chemical herbicides, use compost fertilizer, and plant low-maintenance natives.
  • Convert small spaces – Creating space for wildlife does not mean sacrificing valuable ground. Add a green roof to a shed, install a bug hotel or convert a flowerbed to a butterfly garden.
  • Offer a drink – Providing fresh water, like a bird bath, helps a variety of animals during times of drought.  
  • Install chimney caps – This inexpensive addition will keep birds, squirrels and racoons from building a nest in the wrong place.

Finding balance with wildlife
To create space for wildlife, you do not need a drastic overhaul of your existing garden. Animals need places to forage, places to nest and places to hide. Depending upon the size of your yard, you can provide all three.

By planning how to coexist, you can direct wildlife away from the spaces and plants you use while creating the wildlife hideouts and nesting spots that small animals need.

Don’t want deer or squirrels in your vegetable or flower garden?
There are tricks and deterrents to keep them away, while directing them to a shady grove of trees and shrubs or to a wildflower meadow where they can nest and find food.

Every lawn and garden has different needs, so let us know your concerns and we can help you put together a wildlife plan.