October is an important month. If you want a gorgeous lawn and garden next spring, the actions you take this month are essential.

In addition to the important steps covered in our reminders, this is a great time to consider what else you can do to improve your garden.

What do we suggest? Go native!

The reason is simple, utilizing native plants in your landscape is not only a stunning way to add beauty, it is just plain smart! Natives were made for Austin weather, which means they are better for the environment and better for you!

Just a few of their benefits include:

  • Beneficial for bees and butterflies
  • Conserve water
  • Require little pesticide use

Unfortunately, native plants species are disappearing just like bees and butterflies.

Consider being a part of the solution that will save our ecosystem and protect wildlife by adding native varieties to your landscape.

How to get started?

Ask us to guide you on a selection of native perennials to plant now. You can also learn more during the statewide celebration of Texas Native Plant Week, October 16-22.