Landscape Design & Consultation

We create residential and commercial landscapes that thrive in harmony with nature. By utilizing Smart-Scaping technology, our outdoor environments are not only beautiful, but sustainable, water-wise and easy to maintain.

How we realize the perfect design

Here is how we will help to achieve your ideal lawn and garden….



Your Dream

Planning the perfect changes to your lawn or garden begins with you. By listening to your goals and desires, we understand how best to turn your dreams into a reality.


Evaluating Current Conditions

Our next step is to visit and assess your space. Not all yards have ideal soil conditions and receive the perfect amount of light and water. Understanding the assets and limitations of your property helps us to Smart-Scape your lawn with the right types of plantings in the right locations.


Designing the Perfect Plan

Pulling your vision of the perfect lawn or garden together with the realities of your existing landscape is the magic of our design. We blend artistry with the realities of nature to create the space you crave in a realistic and sustainable way. By designing with nature in mind, we create water-wise landscapes which are ultimately easier to maintain.


Making Your Dream a Reality

Once we have agreed upon a design that realizes your dream, out team completes the preparation and installation. Attention to detail is a hallmark of our work as is getting it just right for you.


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