What’s new for 2022?

We are spending more time at home and appreciating that our lawn and gardens are extensions of the home. As the weather begins to warm, we can again renew our attention to enjoying our outdoors more fully by considering these three trends for 2022. Outdoor home office This year it is estimated that 53% of us will be working from home at least some of the time. Creating a space in our yard, deck or patio in which to get…

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Designed for Heat – Stunning Succulents & Cacti

Summer’s heat and water restrictions stress most plants in our garden. Some, however, were designed for this weather – the camels of the garden, cacti and succulents. If you have a dry or sunny location where little else wants to grow, these may be the perfect, low-maintenance option. Where to Plant Succulents (all cacti are also succulents) require little. Well-drained area, perhaps with a bit of slope Soil lightened with sand or a cactus-specific mix Light layer of mulch, such…

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5 Surprising Ways to Save Money Watering Your Lawn

If your water bills have been giving you pause, consider these water smart strategies to save water and money. Water less Less is more when it comes to watering. By watering less often, but deeply, we create deep healthy roots, which better survive times of drought. 1-1/2 inches of water every five days is a good goal.   You can also water less by switching to a drip irrigation system for your garden and trees. Low volume drips reduce evaporation…

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Creating Curb Appeal

9 Principles to give your Home Curb Appeal First impressions are important! Curb appeal is the first thing people notice about your home and it can literally increase the value of your home. What impression does your front yard make? Is it an inviting approach that says, come on in? Or is your home turning onlookers away? Whether you want to make little changes or reconsider your entire front-scape, these 9 ideas may guide or inspire. 1. Start with the…

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Gardens Built for Rain

Do you have a sloping lawn or a shallow depression where the rain always seems to collect and nothing seems to grow? If yes, then you will want to consider a rain garden. Rain gardens are ideal solutions to drainage problems, which may plague your otherwise beautiful lawn. Not only are rain gardens an attractive way to address a common lawn issue, they are a smart water-wise solution bringing multiple benefits. What is a rain garden? A rain garden is designed to…

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