Nature’s perfect fertilizer

Spring provides a perfect time to use nature’s ultimate fertilizer, compost. Compost delivers almost all the nutrients that plants require in a time-released manner. It is known to grow healthier more disease resistant plants. As it slowly breaks down it becomes a part of the soil, enriching it and making your entire lawn and garden healthier. Think of it as a long-term investment in a beautiful lawn and garden. Where to compost? Everywhere!Compost fortifies the soil enabling it to better hold water…

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What’s new for 2022?

We are spending more time at home and appreciating that our lawn and gardens are extensions of the home. As the weather begins to warm, we can again renew our attention to enjoying our outdoors more fully by considering these three trends for 2022. Outdoor home office This year it is estimated that 53% of us will be working from home at least some of the time. Creating a space in our yard, deck or patio in which to get…

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