It’s the perfect time to tend trees As temperatures begin to drop, it is a perfect time to review the health of your trees and trim them as needed. If you have live oaks and delayed trimming to avoid disease, we are now entering a safe time to trim all trees.

Do you need to trim your trees and why? Here are four considerations.

Improve tree health
Just as regular grass cutting promotes a healthy lawn, so too tree trimming promotes growth of healthy trees. Trimming is especially beneficial for increasing the production of fruit trees.

Also, by cleaning dead, damaged or infested wood, you direct the energy of your tree towards new growth instead of repair.  

Safety for you and your home
Low hanging branches, those touching your house and those which have been damaged can pose a danger to you, your neighbors, your home, car and other items. Branches which are growing in an uncontrolled fashion can also present a fire hazard if growing into electrical cables.

Take time to review any branches which can present a future storm danger.

Increase the value of your property
Trees add substantial value to your home. But if they are unkept and unhealthy, they can have the opposite effect. This is a good time to evaluate if your trees increase or decrease your curb appeal.

We all need sun
We all need sunlight and fresh air to thrive. This includes you, your garden and your trees. When you carefully trim your trees and raise the canopy you bring not only more light into your garden, but also
allow light and air to better penetrate deep into the center of your trees.