April is National Lawn Month and a great time to consider going organic. We love organics, not only because they do no harm to the environment, but because they grow robust, healthy lawns and gardens.
Here are some of the benefits of going chemical free.
Healthy, non-addicted lawns
Chemical treatments are addicting. Breaking the cycle of dependency gives your soil an opportunity to rebuild and naturally perform the jobs of chemicals, namely nourish grass, fight off grubs and crowd out weeds.
Improve soil with compost
After a good aeration, compost is the best way to rebuild your lawn. Organic compost contains beneficial organisms which stimulate microbial activity, build the soil structure and grow a deep root system. It is the foundation to an organic gardening approach and a key step to a greener lawn. An added benefit, it reduces the need for watering.
Organic fertilizers beat traditional
Like compost, fertilizers strengthen lawns. And contrary to the expectations of researchers at A&M, organic fertilizers outperform synthetics. The Stillhouse study demonstrated that organic treatments produced denser greener lawns, increased water retention in soil, decreased runoff in heavy rains, and drained less nitrogen into ground water.

Safe lawns are organic
Weeds attempt to establish themselves in the healthiest of lawns. Luckily, there are organic ways to manage them that will not harm your family, your pets or the environment, like bees who are at risk due to chemical herbicides.

The best way to stop weeds is before they sprout. Corn gluten does just that by stopping weeds from germinating. As it is naturally high in nitrogen content, it also acts as a fertilizer for the grass you do want to grow.

Once weeds have sprouted, horticultural vinegar is an effective treatment. It requires a bit more dedication in application, but is not toxic to those members of your family who walk or play on your lawn, especially children and pets who are most vulnerable.

Organic treatments may take a little more time but the results are lasting and establish a foundation to a healthy, sustainable lawn. Contact us if you would like to know more about choosing an organic approach