9 Principles to give your Home Curb Appeal

First impressions are important! Curb appeal is the first thing people notice about your home and it can literally increase the value of your home.

What impression does your front yard make? Is it an inviting approach that says, come on in? Or is your home turning onlookers away?

Whether you want to make little changes or reconsider your entire front-scape, these 9 ideas may guide or inspire.

1. Start with the basics – Keep it neat
If big improvements are not in the picture, make sure you are covering the basics. Always maintain a neat, tidy front lawn. Trimmed trees and shrubs, freshly clipped grass and fresh mulch are easy on the eyes.

2. Design with your house in mind
Whether starting from scratch or evaluating your current front lawn, landscape design is intended to complement your house. Consider proportions, colors, and even shapes that will best complement your house. Trees and shrubs are the bones of your design, consider whether their natural architecture enhances that of your home.

3. Choose the right plantings
Is your home located on a steep hill or flat plane? Does your front yard get plenty of sun and rain or do large trees shade it?

Understanding your lawn’s unique ecosystem will help you create the most attractive and easy to maintain lawn because a wonderful design will look horrible in a short time if the wrong plants are selected.

Opt for native or adaptive plants (Smart-scaping) that are right for the soil, water and light conditions of your front yard. You will be happy because they require less care and your home’s value will improve if your lawn appears to require little maintenance.

4. Draw eyes toward the front door
Enhancing the path that leads to your front door is a great way to add curb appeal. Consider adding a gentle bend to a straight path or adding decorative plantings along the edges.

5. Add Hardscaping
Adding or improving hardscaped areas adds great style and structure to your lawn. Consider edging the driveway, constructing a path, or replacing poor soil with stepping stones and natives. If your driveway is a large part of your front lawn, consider transforming it with concrete pavers. Suddenly, a utilitarian drive will become an attractive feature.

6. Build a berm
Do you struggle with an impossibly flat lawn or a steep hill? Consider a raised bed or berm. Building a berm with an organic shape, edging it with flagstone or pavers and filling it with colorful and appealing plants is a great way to add shape, color, texture, and character. And by designing it the right way, it can solve water management problems.

7. Light the way
Outdoor lighting to illuminate a pathway, tree or your house add charm and security to your design. Outdoor lighting is also a major trend, according to the National Home Builders survey. It is considered the most wanted feature of homeowners.

8. Create a point of interest
A pop of color from a brightly colored front door or shutters, hanging plants or flower boxes, a water feature, decorative fencing, or a charming seating area, these are all great ways to add a focal point to your design.

9. Make it yours
If you plan on selling in the near future, maintain a landscape design for general appeal. If not, make your front yard a reflection of your unique wants and needs.

Wish you had a place to read the morning paper? Adding a beautiful privacy screen allows you to create this space in your front lawn.

Love wildflowers or fresh vegetables? Convert your front lawn into a meadow of flowering wildflower perennials or vegetable garden. By adding a trim of stone or pavers, you keep it neat and stunning.

Once you have your concept, consider your budget and feel free to contact us for guidance and suggestions!