Summer’s heat and water restrictions stress most plants in our garden. Some, however, were designed for this weather – the camels of the garden, cacti and succulents.

If you have a dry or sunny location where little else wants to grow, these may be the perfect, low-maintenance option.

Where to Plant

Succulents (all cacti are also succulents) require little.

  • Well-drained area, perhaps with a bit of slope
  • Soil lightened with sand or a cactus-specific mix
  • Light layer of mulch, such as river rock
  • Infrequent watering in growing season

How to Add to your Design

Because of their structural uniqueness, distinct textures, colors and shapes, succulents add character wherever planted.

  • Modernize a cluster of traditional plantings by incorporating succulents –see a smartscaping example
  • Punctuate your xeriscape design by mixing succulents with natives and ornamental grasses
  • Showcase your succulents with a raised bed or planter
  • Border your walkway or patio with a low succulent display of brilliant colors
  • Plant them in pots for eye-catching accents on patios, walkways, and window boxes

Learn More

To learn more about these amazing drought tolerant plants, visit the Zilker Botanical Garden on the weekend of September 1-2 for the Austin Cactus and Succulent Society event. You can learn from experts, see exotic cacti from around the world and bring home to perfect succulents for your garden.