We last discussed garden trends in 2018 and those trends are still in vogue, like our favorite, wabi-sabi.
At the start of our new decade the buzz centers on trends to create a healthy, happy place to live.
Saving soil
It takes 500 years for nature to produce just one inch of top soil. And yet, erosion has wiped away 1/3 of the world’s top soil. Protecting this life-giving resource is one of the hottest trends.
Regenerative gardening seeks to rebuild top soil with sustainable practices like composting, organic gardening and growing food. Watch an overview at EcoWatch or join Austin’s Organic Gardeners for their presentation on February 10th.
Noisy gardens
Is your garden filled with the buzz of bees and the croak of frogs?
The hum of wildlife signals a healthy ecosystem and is a buzzing trend for 2020.
Encourage endangered wildlife with these ideas:

  • Plant wildflowers for butterflies and bees
  • Add a water feature or wildlife pond for frogs and birds
  • Consider a bee hotel or beekeeping
  • Choose organic treatments (and remember frogs are natural pest control)
  • Create a compost heap
  • Review our tips to save the planet for more ideas 

Growing up a wall
Vertical gardens solve space issues, make growing herbs easy, and create cozy, privacy. Whether built to perfectly complement an outdoor room or purchased as a system to cover an unattractive fence, these living walls green our world.