What’s hot and what’s not in 2018? It doesn’t matter as long as your garden gives you joy. We looked at some of the garden trends this year, however, and we found 3 cool ideas you might want to consider.

Wabi-sabi in the garden

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art of imperfection. Embracing the less that perfect in your garden means relaxing, having fun with experiments gone wrong and making space for a more naturalistic approach to gardening.


Creating a garden destination

Activity in the garden has largely centered on the patio or deck, which is conveniently located off the house. But the new trend is to create a destination. Consider a meandering path, which leads to a fire pit tucked in the corner of a garden or a dining enclave under a canopy of oak trees. You will see and enjoy more of your garden and guest share a more memorable experience.



Working with nature is the goal of re-wilding and it is an approach to gardening which works in harmony with nature. Think about supporting our diminishing population of pollinators by planting wildflowers and other native perennials other green approaches to re-wilding include the use of more natural, non-toxic weed and bug treatments and composting.