Beautiful lawns and gardens have healthy soil, because good dirt is the foundation of healthy plants.
Just as top dressing nourishes lawns by driving nutrients down into the soil, a struggling garden can do better if it is elevated above the ground in a raised bed.

Raised beds solve many problems, like poor soil, and they can add a beautiful design element to your yard.

Consider elevating your garden with these raised bed ideas.

Problems solved by going up
If you struggle with any of these concerns, a raised bed may be your solution.

  • Control soil quality and drainage – Perhaps the greatest benefit of a raised bed is control over the quality of soil. Texas soil is frequently too alkaline, too sandy or too compacted, especially in highly developed suburbs where topsoil has been removed, changed or replaced with inferior topsoil.
  • Plant what you want – Poor soil limits not only the health of your plants, but even what you can grow. By controlling the quality of your soil in a raised bed, you can grow more of what you want including delicate flowers, herbs and vegetables.
  • Grow more in small gardens – Because a raised bed allows you to carefully manage how every square inch of space is used, you get more from your small garden.
  • Fewer weeds and pests – In a densely planted flowerbed, there is less room for weeds and raised beds are harder for tunneling pests to access.
  • Stabilize a slope – Built into a sloping yard, they create highly useable growing space while stabilizing erosion.

Beautiful eye-catching additions
Even if your soil is perfectly healthy, a raised bed is still a great choice to bring interest to your backyard and make gardening easier.

  • Grow your food – Raised beds are ideal for vegetable gardens. You can grow greater variety, in all seasons, and ensure that your food is organic.
    • And remember, by tucking flowers into your vegetable garden, you will not only create an attractive, colorful garden that adds beauty to your yard, but you will attract pollinating bees and butterflies.
  • Create space-saving seating – By installing a raised bed with wide ledges or a bench you can accommodate an overflow of guests at your next party without taking up more patio space.
  • Add interest to a wall or fence – By raising your border flower bed, it becomes a feature that takes the eye away from unattractive features like bland walls and fences.
  • Make gardening easier on knees and backs – By raising your garden, it is easier to be tended and enjoyed by everyone in the family without pain.
  • Add interest to a flat yard – Raised beds bring dimensionality to an otherwise boring flat lawn and curb appeal to a flat front yard.

If you are considering a raised bed and need help with ideas, let us know. We are happy to help!