Winning the war with weeds seems impossible at times. After our mild winter, they are going to be especially difficult to eradicate this year.
Why weeds keep returning?
Weeds come back because they never left. Roots not completely removed are tenacious and sprout again and again becoming well-established perennial plants. Seeds from bloomed weeds can also remain dormant in your soil waiting for ideal conditions to sprout.
Because wind blows, birds fly and seeds were made to scatter. If you live close to open nature or a weedy plot, birds, critters and the wind are transporting seeds to your lawn all the time.
Because your lawn has a weak spot that weeds are exploiting. Weeds are opportunistic, adaptive and fast growing. They find and fill bare or weak areas quickly.
But it is not hopeless!
Winning the war with weeds requires a weed-smarter strategy.

  • Tackle weeds before they start! Pre-emergent treatments used before spring weeds sprout can stop new growth before it starts.
  • Stop the bloom! Pull, cut or treat weeds before they bloom to prevent seeds from spreading across your lawn.
  • Use post-emergent herbicides for perennial weeds. Whether using organic or chemical herbicides, remember, well-established weeds take repeated treatments and diligence to conquer.
  • Mow frequently!  When you mow frequently, you cut the tops off weeds before they have a chance to bloom and spread seeds. You also stimulate lawn growth making it stronger.
  • The best weed killer is a healthy lawn. There is no room for weeds to grow if your lawn has healthy roots, so regularly fertilize your lawn to keep its root system healthy.
  • Mulch. A deep layer of mulch can smother old weeds and make the removal of new weeds very easy. It is one of the best ways to keep flowerbeds and bare spots weed free.

Whacking weeds is an ongoing process, but it is a war you can win! If you have questions or need help with a weedy spot, let us know. We are happy to help!