We know that trees make our communities more attractive, but they do so much more. From adding value to our homes, making our neighborhoods cleaner and safer and protecting the environment, they are valued members of any landscape. And the bigger the trees and their canopy, the greater their positive impact on our environment.

Whether you are deciding to keep a mature tree or plant a new tree, keep these five amazing facts in mind.

1 Add value to your property
Yes money grows on trees!

Many studies have proven that neighborhoods with large trees attract buyers and command premium prices. It is estimated that trees increase property values from 5% to 18%. Just a tree in the front yard increases a home’s sales price by an average of $7,130.

2 Cool and clean the air
Tree lined streets are not only lovely to look at. Shade and water evaporation from trees acts like an air conditioner reducing temperature in your neighborhood as much as 25-40 degrees.

Trees also absorb our pollution. A single tree can absorb as much as 40 percent of ambient noise and a belt of tall trees can reduce highway noise by 50 percent.

Studies show that trees improve outdoor air quality and human health by removing pollutants from the air and roadside trees reduce the air pollution inside our homes.

3 Create well-being and reduce crime
We all enjoy looking at trees. But did you know that trees actually improve your mood?

Benefits include quicker recovery from surgery, better performance at work and stress reduction within five minutes.

The calming qualities of trees encourage a stronger sense of community and a reduction in crime. Studies indicate that communities with trees experience less crime, especially fewer acts of domestic aggression and violence.

4 Save energy – Save money
When properly placed, trees can reduce home air conditioning needs by 30-50%. Trees also keep homes warm when placed to protect against northerly winds.

These efficiencies can save you up to 50% in home energy costs.

5 Save the planet
Beyond our local environment, trees have far reaching benefits.

  • Trees provide habitats for wildlife thus encouraging healthy biodiversity
  • Trees root systems tame storm water and protect against erosion
  • Trees reduce harmful chemicals from water runoff and keep them from entering our aquifers
  • Trees scrub carbon dioxide from the air, with one mature tree removing more than 48 pounds in a year

Closer to home, keep in mind that what keeps Austin watered and cool is the vast tree canopy that acts likes a conveyor belt from the Gulf bringing moisture to an otherwise parched land. Support our healthy eco system by caring for and planting trees.

To support local tree planting visit TreeFolks.
For more cool tree facts, visit the Arbor Day website.