A carpet of green lawn looks great, but with rising temperatures, drought conditions, and increased water costs maintaining your lawn can become a burden.

To reduce the time, effort and costs of keeping a perfect lawn, considering ditching some of that green for colorful, low maintenance alternatives.

Carve Out a Little at a Time

Instead of ripping out all your grass, reduce gradually. Carve out areas under trees, areas that are hard to mow, areas that already serve as a footpath or areas of poorly growing grass.

Consider your lawn an accent island in the middle of your lawn.

Low Maintenance Replacements

Once you have identified areas of lawn you would like to reduce, there are many low maintenance ideas for how to fill that space, including:

  • hearty ground covers
  • native plants
  • ornamental grasses or no mow grasses
  • shrubs
  • a micro meadow to attract butterflies
  • walkways or stepping stones
  • a gathering space like a fire pit or small patio
  • xeriscaping, which is much more than rock gardens with cactus

To see some of these ideas, visit our portfolio.