As the heat rises and the rainfall disappears, there is one thing you can do now to help the health of your lawn – top dressing.


Why Top Dress?

Top dressing is like a deep conditioning treatment for your lawn. By applying a thin layer of compost or manure across your lawn you will bring nutrients back to the roots of your grass encouraging strong growth and healthy soil.

It can also help even out a lawn with low spots, address areas of high-traffic compacted soil, and fill bare spots.

Top dressing is especially beneficial after an aeration, which breathes oxygen back into the soil.


Other benefits of Top Dressing

Top dressing has many benefits, including:

  • Greener, healthier looking lawn
  • Protection against drought by reducing evaporation
  • Stops weeds from germinating


How to Top Dress

  1. Clear away turf and aerate if you have not already this year
  2. Spread top dressing evenly across surface of your lawn
  3. Water well
  4. After a few days, smooth the surface with a rake if necessary
  5. Finish with new seed if your have bare or thinning grass