Why do weeds keep returning?


Weeds grow well

Weeds are well adapted to surviving under harsh conditions. They grow exceptionally well…even faster than most other plants.


Deep roots

Despite your best efforts, the deep root structure of many weeds means that after pulling, they never really left your garden. Some weeds have roots that grow as much as twenty feet!

With roots like that, the tendency is to always leave a bit of root behind.


Seeds are made to scatter

Once weeds bloom, on your lawn or in your neighbor’s lawn, their seeds are designed to scatter. Whether by birds, the wind, rain, or even tracked in on your feet, weed seeds are continually reintroduced.


What to do?

It is always easiest to stop weeds before they start, so maintain a good maintenance program. Keeping your grass lush and healthy gives no space for weeds to grow.

Once the weeds have arrived…

Be tolerant.

Be patient.

Be vigilant.

Stop weeds before they start with pre-emergent treatments. Pull existing weeds while they are still small and before they bloom. And use non-toxic herbicides as needed.