A lush, weed-free lawn requires a little t.l.c.

Spring is off to a warm start, which means maintaining a healthy, weed-free lawn is just a little more challenging.

By following these four easy steps, however, you can keep your lawn in its best condition.

1. Mow for growth
Like a good haircut, cutting your grass frequently encourages growth. It is one of the best ways to keep grass lush and weed-free.

Cutting your grass improperly, however, does great damage. Keep your mower blades sharp and do not cut your grass too low. Grass height recommendations vary by variety, but a general rule is 2 to 2 ½ inches. And as the temperature rises, so should your grass to protect it from the heat.

Mulching when you mow provides an extra layer of protection for your grass by retaining moisture and reducing the surface temperature.

2. Water infrequently, but deeply
Healthy plants need strong, deep roots. By watering deeply in the early morning only once or twice a week you properly hydrate thirsty roots. Allowing the soil to dry in between allows air to circulate in the root system and protects against fungus.

3. Naturally, fertilize
Nourish your grass at least three times a year with fertilizer and, to benefit your lawn as much as the environment, use a natural fertilizer. While conventional fertilizers provide faster results, studies confirm that consistent application of natural fertilizers outperform chemical fertilizers without damaging our planet or our pets.

If you already compost, you can use it on your lawn. This is an excellent way to recycle your waste.

And if you have not tested your soil in some time, you may wish to establish the precise needs of your soil. You reap the greatest benefit from fertilizing when you choose the one which best nourishes your lawn.

4. Control weeds before they happen
It is impossible to have a perfectly weed-free lawn because the winds and birds do an excellent job of spreading seeds. When weeds do sprout, natural and carefully selected herbicides will do the trick. But keeping your lawn healthy and stopping weed growth before it even begins is the most efficient way to keep them at bay.

Pre-emergent treatments do just that. They stop the growth of weeds before they emerge. The precise timing and use varies by the weather and the types of weeds, which may plague your lawn. In general, however, at least one treatment in the autumn season is recommended.

By keeping these four basic steps in mind, you truly can maintain a healthy lawn despite the challenges of Texas weather. And always remember you can contact us for help or guidance.