Smart Watering Tools

Get paid to upgrade

New technologies reduce water waste and can even detect when to water your lawn. These tools so effectively reduce waste that the City of Austin wants to give you over $400 to get smarter irrigation tools.

Here are links to resources, free tool and rebates that will help you wise-up your watering system.

Free tools

Up to $400 total rebate for irrigation upgrades

Do you use hose-end sprinklers? Water at the best times by adding a watering timer to your system and receive up to $40 in rebates.

Help with Maintenance

The basic health of your lawn and your irrigation system contribute to water conservation. Austin offers rebates and free help for these too!

Landscape Survival Tools Rebate for mulch, compost, and core aeration can help keep your yard healthy while saving water – starting Feb 2018

Free irrigation system evaluation by Austin Water

What Products to Choose?

Look for the Water Sense label. These approved products can be found at:

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