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Autumn Splash of Color

Want to add a splash of color to your autumn garden? Did you know that it is not too late to plant flowers that will delight until the first frost? With summer drawing to a close, it feels like an end to things. But in central Texas, this is the start of a second growing season and a great time to add a pop of late season color to your garden. Here are some lovely late-blooming varietals that you can…

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Survive the Heat to Save your Lawn

10 Best Ways to Save Your Lawn in the Summer Heat August is a tough month for lawns and gardens in Texas and this summer’s Heat Dome presents even greater challenges. How can you keep your lawn green and thriving? By following a few simple tips! 1. Maximize your weekly water use Despite Austin water restrictions, it is possible to keep your lawn healthy in this heat. Since infrequent deep soaks encourage root growth better than frequent light watering one…

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