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Don’t forget to feed your lawn!

Like us, grass cannot live on water alone. Before the stress of summer arrives, fortify your lawn with fertilizer. And if your lawn is showing areas of weakness, with weeds settling in, a fertilizer routine will do more than herbicides to crowd them out. Knowing how and when to fertilize varies depending upon many variables like soil quality, type of grass, and weather conditions, but these general rules apply to most lawns. In short, successful fertilization is about the right…

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Garden trends for 2020

We last discussed garden trends in 2018 and those trends are still in vogue, like our favorite, wabi-sabi.   At the start of our new decade the buzz centers on trends to create a healthy, happy place to live.   Saving soil It takes 500 years for nature to produce just one inch of top soil. And yet, erosion has wiped away 1/3 of the world’s top soil. Protecting this life-giving resource is one of the hottest trends.   Regenerative…

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Yes! You can save the planet

How does one person save the planet? By starting with their own little corner of it, even if that corner is very small.   Our patchwork of lawns and gardens are a large part of the ecosystem and the choices we make in their management impacts our world. Saving the planet starts with how each of us tends our small piece. Here’s how you do it.   Build your backyard nature reserve Imagine your yard a small nature reserve, a…

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Holiday cheer for birds and other critters

We may not always be the best of neighbors, but we need birds and other wildlife. They are an essential part of our ecosystem and anything we do to help them helps us all. Spread holiday cheer and care with the wildlife in your world with these easy ideas. Decorating for the birds Outdoor decorations can be more than plastic and electric. Decorating real trees and shrubs with organic, edible decorations can be both beautiful and beneficial to wildlife. It…

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3 ways to manage rainwater

When it rains, do you see puddles in your yard or rivers flowing past your foundation? If yes, take heed. Uncontrolled water flow damages everything in its path. Water flowing towards your house damages your foundation. Strong currents and standing water kill grass and erode precious top soil. There are three ways to prevent water damage and by implementing them, you can actually benefit from heavy rains: Redirect the flow Soak it in Save it for a non-rainy day Redirect…

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