Event Calendar


There are many great events and classes in Austin where you can learn about gardening, nature conservation and cooking.

Here are some we think you may like:

Feb 13
The Natural Gardener
Organic Weed Control
Learn the types of weeds common in Central Texas landscapes and the organic strategies used to control them

Feb 17
The Natural Gardener
Introduction to Bee Keeping
It takes a long time to learn enough to be successful with bees, so if you have an inkling you may want to do this, get started NOW by joining this class

Feb 17
Lady Bird Wildflower Center
Native Fruit Trees of Texas
a healthy native fruit tree is really priceless. Learn about fruit trees of Texas, tree selection, harvesting and other tips for care from a landscaping expert

Feb 17, 21, 24
Sustainable Food Center
Introduction to Food Gardening
If you are a new gardener or new to gardening in Central Texas, and if you are looking for a holistic introduction to organic food growing, then this class is just for you

Feb 17
Zilker Botanical Garden
Austin Rose Society Workshop
Join this free event for demonstrations on pruning, propagation and planting

Feb 20
The Natural Gardener
All About Pruning
Learn some basic rules for most common types of pruning – perennials, roses, fruit trees, brambles, pruning for shape, pruning for size, and more

Feb 24
TreeFolks at Montopolis Greenbelt
Neighborwoods 200 Tree Giveaway
Come out and get a free tree! 200 5-gallon sized trees including shade, understory, and fruiting species will be available, first come, first served

Feb 27
The Natural Gardener
Miracles of Compost
Compost and the organisms in the soil are the foundation of organic gardening, Learn how it can benefit your lawn and garden