We are big fans of wildflowers. Once established, they are easy to maintain, bring color to the world and, most importantly, support butterflies, birds, and bees. And restoring green space with ecological variety is always the right thing to do.

As Fall is the best time to plant most Central Texas varieties, what better time to consider revamping a tired part of your lawn with wildflowers and native grasses.

Wildflowers love poor quality soil

Since wildflowers grow well in poor soil, they are an excellent choice to redefine an unattractive part of your lawn, garden or pasture.

No yard too small

Large wildflower meadows are stunning, but you do not need that much space. Your wildflower meadow can be as large or small as desired and will redefine the space with color and life.

Get creative and consider:

  • gracing an entry with a wildflower passage
  • replacing a stretch of struggling lawn with a wild lawn
  • snaking a path of wildflowers through an otherwise boring bit of lawn or border
  • converting a tired flowerbed or raised bed with natives
  • transforming a pasture with wildflowers
  • bringing life to any area that typically grows poorly

How to get started

For seeds, instructions or ideas, the Wildflower Center remains is an inspirational resource. If you are up for a day trip, consider the Wild Seed Farms in Fredericksburg, especially on the weekend of September 13th when they will be hosting a free planting day kick-off seminar.

You can also visit our post on planting wildflowers.