We are taking a break this month from the full newsletter but still wish to share tips for lawn and garden care during the strange weather of this season.

With cold fronts followed by warming spells, plants are confused and lawns are still largely dormant. Weeds, however, need only one warm day to sprout. And once they bloom, they start spreading. The best way to control these types of weeds is to mow. So even if your lawn is not growing, if you are spotting weeds, it is time to mow before they bloom.

If weeds have already established themselves, it is wise to apply a fertilizer with a weed control agent.

Here are other tips for the season:


Finish pruning dead and damaged branches from trees and shrubs

Prune fruit and pecan trees before they bud

With the extended cold, you still have time to prune your oak trees

Don’t forget to trim your Crape Myrtles


If you have not had a good winter mow, do it now

Apply fertilizer with a weed control agent or pull the weeds out before they establish and spread

Keep watering, if your lawn is looking dry, droopy or takes a footprint


Continue to protect delicate plants from freezing

Plan for new beds, order plants and seeds, start seeds indoors

For flowers:

Manicure your flowers beds

Mulch if they are depleted

Wildflowers: After the last freeze you can start seeding wildflowers