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Loving the Valentine’s bloom

February is the season of love. A great time to give roses and an even better time to think about the roses you have or wish to have in your garden.

Give your Valentine’s bloom some love
Valentines Day is the ideal time in Texas to prune your roses. Appropriate trimming keeps roses healthy and ensures many robust blooms in the Spring. Be sure to wear gloves! February is also a great time to fertilize your roses with organics to ensure a bumper crop of blooms and protect against disease.

Perfect low-maintenance blooms
Wish you had roses, but worried about the care required?

Select the right variety for the right place in your yard and you can have the stunning, low-maintenance beauty of roses in your yard. Consider Antique and Earthkind varietals. These sturdy roses are time-tested and drought and disease resistant. We have highlighted in our event, a few that will teach you more.

A Rosy Day Trip
Whether you are in the market for new roses, seeking inspiration for your garden, or simply want to visit a spot of Texas charm, visit the Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham. They are true rose experts and strolling the 8 acres of trails and blooms will delight and inspire!