New year, new yard!

Resolve to enjoy your lawn and garden more this year!

January is a time for resolutions. It is also not too early to start thinking about some of those projects, big or small, that you would love to tackle to create your ideal lawn and garden.

By planning your yard improvements now, you can tackle projects at the best time in the growing season for success.


Small projects, big impact

Sometimes a little project can transform your yard. Relocating an overgrown shrub and replacing it with perennials brings a burst of color in Spring. Planting natives, which thrive in shady or wet zones, transforms those parts of your garden that struggle to look appealing. And planting a small butterfly garden will delight you from Spring through Fall as it attracts butterflies of all varieties.


More time in your garden

Are you a foodie with a desire to collect fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden? Or perhaps you would love to create an outdoor living space for entertaining or relaxing? Creating those changes that will allow you to enjoy more time in your yard, like adding an attractive vegetable garden or building a new patio are substantial projects. By beginning your plan now, you ensure that the improvements are ready when you want to enjoy them!


Less time on your lawn

Perhaps your resolution involves spending less time on your lawn. You can do your part to protect the environment, save energy and save water by considering water-wise, Xeriscaping changes, like changing your lawn to native grasses and alternate coverings that require less water and minimal maintenance. Planning your eco-friendly changes now ensures that you will spend less time working on you lawn and more time enjoying it.


Whatever your dream, reach out to us for guidance and advice. We can help you make a plan and create the changes, big or small, that will allow you to enjoy your lawn and garden even more in the New Year!