‘Tis the season to decorate our homes with festive wreaths, garland and trees. Before you pull out the plastic decorations, however, you may wish to consider the beauty of natural greens. Natural trees and cuttings bring benefits for you and the environment.

So if you are considering going “greener” this holiday, here are three suggestions:

Living trees

Potted trees are gaining in popularity. Not only is a live tree a stunning addition to indoor decorations this year, bringing fresh fragrance to your home, but also for years to come, as it brings lasting beauty to your lawn.

Your living tree will also:

  • Benefit the environment, absorbing carbon dioxide and providing a home for birds
  • Create a focal point or privacy screen for your garden
  • Serve as a living memory marking the year it was planted

A few varieties to consider include, Leyland Cypress, Nellie Stevens Holly, Arizona Cypress, and Compact Cherry Laurel.

Cut live trees

If you were not planning to add a new tree to your garden, you can still benefit the environment while enjoying the nostalgia and scent of a living tree. Whether you cut your own or buy a precut, you will know that your holiday tree has served the environment. It is estimated that each acre of farmed trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people every day. And every tree you buy is replaced with three CO2 absorbing seedlings.*

Look for a Certified Naturally Grown tree to ensure that your tree was naturally sourced and be sure to recycle with Austin’s curbside program.

Fresh cuttings

If boughs of holly and garland are more your thing, gather clippings from your garden to craft beautiful wreaths and decorations. Asparagus ferns, juniper cuttings, rosemary and holly are lovely. The also make an excellent addition to the compost bin at the end of the season!

1 Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association